Severin Dicks

Severin is a bioinformatician based at the Christian Rosenmund Lab at Charité in Berlin. His expertise lies in single-cell sequencing, with a strong emphasis on exploring neurological questions such as memory formation and neuronal development. Alongside his work at Charité, Severin is nearing the completion of his doctoral studies under the mentorship of Prof. Melanie Börries at the Institute of Medical Bioinformatics and Systems Medicine (IBSM) in Freiburg. Severin is the developer of RAPIDS-singlecell, a tool he initially created as a weekend project during the 2021 pandemic lockdown. The development of this tool continued during his tenure at IBSM and is still ongoing at Charité. Using GPU acceleration through RAPIDS and CuPy, RAPDIS-singlecell significantly enhances the speed of single-cell sequencing processes. Severin's contributions underscore his commitment to pushing the technical boundaries in the field of bioinformatics, particularly in single-cell sequencing. His work continues to shape the trajectory of this rapidly evolving field.
Severin Dicks

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GPU-Accelerated Single-Cell RNA Analysis with RAPIDS-singlecell

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