Seth Schneider

Seth Schneider is the senior product manager for esports and competitive gaming products like G-SYNC Esports displays and NVIDIA Reflex. As a competitive gamer, Seth strives to bring the best competitive gaming products to market. Current grind: Valorant.
Seth Schneider

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Still image from Kairos demo, of an NPC at a bar.
Conversational AI

Building Lifelike Digital Avatars with NVIDIA ACE Microservices

Generative AI technologies are revolutionizing how games are produced and played. Game developers are exploring how these technologies can accelerate their... 5 MIN READ
Content Creation / Rendering

Understanding and Measuring PC Latency

System latency is an important gaming performance metric. In many cases, it is more impactful to the overall gaming experience than frames per second (FPS).... 7 MIN READ
Content Creation / Rendering

Improving Player Performance with Low Latency as Evident from FPS Aim Trainer Experiments

We've been collaborating with The Meta, makers of the popular KovaaK's FPS aim trainer game, for some time now to distribute experiments to their players. Our... 16 MIN READ