Scott McMillan

Scott McMillan is a Senior Solutions Architect at NVIDIA where he works on high performance computing. One of his interests is making HPC more accessible. Scott holds a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Northwestern University.

Posts by Scott McMillan

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Building and Deploying HPC Applications using NVIDIA HPC SDK from the NVIDIA NGC Catalog

HPC development environments are typically complex configurations composed of multiple software packages, each providing unique capabilities. In addition to the… 17 MIN READ
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Simplifying HPC Workflows with NVIDIA NGC Container Environment Modules

Many system administrators use environment modules to manage software deployments. The advantages of environment modules are that they allow you to load and… 7 MIN READ
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Using NVIDIA Nsight Systems in Containers and the Cloud

A handy guide to help you use the NVIDIA Nsight family of tools in multiple development environments, including containers in the cloud. 17 MIN READ
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How to Run NGC Deep Learning Containers with Singularity

New scientific breakthroughs are being made possible by the convergence of HPC and AI. It is now necessary to deploy both HPC and AI workloads on the same… 7 MIN READ
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Building HPC Containers Demystified

Whether you are a HPC research scientist, application developer, or IT staff, NVIDIA has solutions to help you use containers to be more productive. 14 MIN READ
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Transitioning to Nsight Systems from NVIDIA Visual Profiler / nvprof

The Nsight suite of profiling tools now supersedes the NVIDIA Visual Profiler (NVVP) and nvprof. Let’s look at what this means for NVIDIA Visual Profiler or… 17 MIN READ