Swaroop Bhonde

Swaroop Bhonde is a Senior System Software Engineer working in NVIDIA’s Pune Design Center (India). He focuses on the 3D graphics side of NVIDIA VRWorks. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Telecommunication from Pune Institute of Computer Technology, India.

Posts by Swaroop Bhonde

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NVIDIA VRSS, a Zero-Effort Way to Improve Your VR Image Quality

The Virtual Reality (VR) industry is in the midst of a new hardware cycle – higher resolution headsets and better optics being the key focus points for the… 12 MIN READ
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Easy VRS Integration with Eye Tracking

NVIDIA Variable Rate Shading (VRS) now includes VRS Helper, enabling easier integration of VRS with eye-tracking in modern HMDs. 15 MIN READ
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Turing Multi-View Rendering in VRWorks

Virtual reality displays continue to evolve and now include advanced configurations such as canted HMDs with non-coplanar displays. Other headsets offer ultra… 10 MIN READ
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Turing Variable Rate Shading in VRWorks

NVIDIA Turing GPUs enable a new, easily implemented rendering technique, Variable Rate Shading (VRS). VRS increases rendering performance and quality by… 12 MIN READ