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Samuel Ochoa is a technical marketing engineer with the Metropolis team at NVIDIA, focusing on bringing AI to industrial applications. Prior to NVIDIA, he graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a BS and MS in Computer Engineering with a specialty in machine learning for edge devices.
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GIF of factory floor with people, pallets, and equipment in bounding boxes.
Computer Vision / Video Analytics

Bringing Generative AI to the Edge with NVIDIA Metropolis Microservices for Jetson

NVIDIA Metropolis Microservices for Jetson has been renamed to Jetson Platform Services, and is now part of NVIDIA JetPack SDK 6.0. NVIDIA Metropolis... 13 MIN READ
An image of bottles in a manufacturing processing plant.
Computer Vision / Video Analytics

Transforming Industrial Defect Detection with NVIDIA TAO and Vision AI Models

Efficiency is paramount in industrial manufacturing, where even minor gains can have significant financial implications. According to the American Society of... 11 MIN READ