Sam Partee

Sam Partee is a principal engineer at Redis helping lead the development and awareness of Redis in machine learning systems. Sam has a background in high performance computing and he previously worked at Cray and HPE on projects like SmartSim, Chapel, and DeterminedAI. In his spare time, Sam enjoys contributing to open source projects, writing on his blog, and spending time with friends and family.
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Data Science

How to Build a Distributed Inference Cache with NVIDIA Triton and Redis

Caching is as fundamental to computing as arrays, symbols, or strings. Various layers of caching throughout the stack hold instructions from memory while... 13 MIN READ
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Data Science

Offline to Online: Feature Storage for Real-time Recommendation Systems with NVIDIA Merlin

Recommendation models have progressed rapidly in recent years due to advances in deep learning and the use of vector embeddings. The growing complexity of these... 14 MIN READ