Rajesh Gadiyar

Rajesh Gadiyar is the VP of Telco and Edge Architecture at NVIDIA. Before NVIDIA, Rajesh was a VP and CTO in Intel’s Network Platforms Group and led product design and development. He has several years of experience in networking products, architecture, protocols, standards, and software for 5G, Edge Computing, broadband, mobile telephony, enterprise security and data networks. Rajesh holds a bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication from National Institute of Technology, Trichy, India, and an MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management.
Rajesh Gadiyar

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Data Center / Cloud

Building Software-Defined, High-Performance, and Efficient vRAN Requires Programmable Inline Acceleration

In 3GPP fifth generation (5G) cellular standard, layer 1 (L1) or the physical layer (PHY) is the most compute-intensive part of the radio access network (RAN)... 16 MIN READ
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A New Frontier for 5G Network Security

Wireless technology has evolved rapidly and the 5G deployments have made good progress around the world. Up until recently, wireless RAN was deployed using... 9 MIN READ
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RAN-in-the-Cloud: Delivering Cloud Economics to 5G RAN

5G deployments have been accelerating around the globe. Many telecom operators have already rolled out 5G services and are expanding rapidly. In addition to the... 11 MIN READ