Rama Darbha

Rama Darbha is the director of solutions architecture in the networking group at NVIDIA, focusing on data center, NetDevOps, and Ethernet switching. He has a passion for helping customers and partners extract the full value of their AI and compute workloads through an open networking strategy. Rama has an active CCONP 2019::19 and CCIE #22804, with a master's in engineering and management from Duke University.

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Modernize Your Network Using NetDevOps

In part 2 of this series, we focus on solutions that optimize and modernize data center network operations. In the first installment, Optimizing Your Data... 4 MIN READ
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Optimizing Your Data Center Network

Data centers can be optimized by updating key network architectures in two ways: through networking technologies or operational efficiency in NetDevOps. In this... 5 MIN READ
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Why There is No Ideal Data Center Network Design

Network administrators have a hard job. They are responsible for ensuring connectivity for all users, servers, and applications on their networks. They are... 5 MIN READ
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Do I Need to Update My Data Center Network?

Normally, data center networks are updated when new applications or servers are installed in the infrastructure. But independent of new server and application... 3 MIN READ
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Using VXLAN Routing with EVPN Through Asymmetric or Symmetric Models

We all know and love EVPN as a control plane for VXLAN tunnels over a layer 3 infrastructure. EVPN enables you to deploy VXLAN tunnels without controllers.... 7 MIN READ
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Looking Behind the Curtain of EVPN Traffic Flows

Is EVPN magic? As Arthur C Clarke said, any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. On that premise, moving from a traditional layer 2... 10 MIN READ