Rama Darbha

Rama Darbha is the director of solutions architecture in the networking group at NVIDIA, focusing on data center, NetDevOps, and Ethernet switching. He has a passion for helping customers and partners extract the full value of their AI and compute workloads through an open networking strategy. Rama has an active CCONP 2019::19 and CCIE #22804, with a master's in engineering and management from Duke University.
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Achieve Innovative Hyperconverged Networking with NVIDIA Spectrum Ethernet and Microsoft Azure Stack HCI

Enterprises of all sizes are increasingly leveraging virtualization and hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI). This technology delivers reliable and secure... 3 MIN READ

Modernize Your Network Using NetDevOps

In part 2 of this series, we focus on solutions that optimize and modernize data center network operations. In the first installment, Optimizing Your Data... 4 MIN READ
Data Center / Cloud

Optimizing Your Data Center Network

Data centers can be optimized by updating key network architectures in two ways: through networking technologies or operational efficiency in NetDevOps. In this... 5 MIN READ
Data Center / Cloud

Why There is No Ideal Data Center Network Design

Network administrators have a hard job. They are responsible for ensuring connectivity for all users, servers, and applications on their networks. They are... 5 MIN READ
Data Center / Cloud

Do I Need to Update My Data Center Network?

Normally, data center networks are updated when new applications or servers are installed in the infrastructure. But independent of new server and application... 3 MIN READ

Using VXLAN Routing with EVPN Through Asymmetric or Symmetric Models

We all know and love EVPN as a control plane for VXLAN tunnels over a layer 3 infrastructure. EVPN enables you to deploy VXLAN tunnels without controllers.... 7 MIN READ