Rama Darbha

Rama Darbha is the director of solutions architecture in the networking group at NVIDIA, focusing on data center, NetDevOps, and Ethernet switching. He has a passion for helping customers and partners extract the full value of their AI and compute workloads through an open networking strategy. Rama has an active CCONP 2019::19 and CCIE #22804, with a master's in engineering and management from Duke University.

Posts by Rama Darbha

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Using VXLAN Routing with EVPN Through Asymmetric or Symmetric Models

This posts compares asymmetric and symmetric EVPN routing models using EVPN as the control plane. It provides architecture differences and maps them to specific… 7 MIN READ
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Looking Behind the Curtain of EVPN Traffic Flows

Is EVPN magic? As Arthur C Clarke said, any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. On that premise, moving from a traditional layer 2… 10 MIN READ