Rajan Arora

Rajan Arora is a solution architect manager at NVIDIA and specializes in machine learning and data science applications for the consumer internet industry. Rajan has been at NVIDIA for 4+ years and has worked on developing systems infrastructure and on a broad range of deep learning applications. He holds a Ph.D. in electrical and computer engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta.
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Data Center / Cloud

Accelerating Machine Learning Model Inference on Google Cloud Dataflow with NVIDIA GPUs

Today, in partnership with NVIDIA, Google Cloud announced Dataflow is bringing GPUs to the world of big data processing to unlock new possibilities. With... 8 MIN READ
Data Science

Profiling and Optimizing Deep Neural Networks with DLProf and PyProf

Software profiling is key for achieving the best performance on a system and that’s true for the data science and machine learning applications as well. In... 19 MIN READ