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Mark is a community health advocate turned data scientist interested in the intersection of social impact, business, and technology. His life’s mission is to improve the well-being of as many people as possible through data—especially among those marginalized. As the founder of On the Mark Data, Mark uses this platform to share impactful ideas via content creation, as well as push for innovation through consulting startups. Mark received his M.S. from the Stanford School of Medicine where he was trained in clinical research, experimental design, and statistics with an emphasis on observational studies. In addition, Mark is also certified in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Finally, he is adept at coding in Python, R, SQL, and using big data tools such as Spark. The culmination of Mark’s research training, technical skills, and experience within startups would make him an asset whether you are looking to create engaging content, develop a data strategy, or implement innovative data solutions.
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Web of wires forming geometric shapes.
Data Science

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