Maor Idan

Maor Idan is a Technical Marketing Engineer for Ethernet Switching at NVIDIA and is a subject matter expert on the inner workings of SONiC and Linux-based networking. He has extensive experience in designing, deploying, and managing real-world cloud-scale data centers which he applies to demonstrate and document modern NetDevOps approaches to automating modern data center infrastructure.

Posts by Maor Idan

NVIDIA AIR automates digital twins to increase efficiency
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Maximize Network Automation Efficiency with Digital Twins on NVIDIA Air

Read about how NVIDIA Air automates your network through a digital twin to increase efficiency, and provides other benefits. 4 MIN READ
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Close Knowledge Gaps and Elevate Training with Digital Twin NVIDIA Air

Learn about the NVIDIA Air platform, a fully functional digital twin of a production environment. 2 MIN READ
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Make a Digital Twin of your Data Center with SONiC running on NVIDIA Air

We have made it incredibly easy to try-out a full multi-switch network fabric using the Microsoft SONiC operating system - in a virtual data center that is available to anyone free of charge. 4 MIN READ