Maor Idan

Maor Idan is a Technical Marketing Engineer for Ethernet Switching at NVIDIA and is a subject matter expert on the inner workings of SONiC and Linux-based networking. He has extensive experience in designing, deploying, and managing real-world cloud-scale data centers which he applies to demonstrate and document modern NetDevOps approaches to automating modern data center infrastructure.

Posts by Maor Idan

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Bridging the Divide Between CLI and Automation IT Teams with NVIDIA NVUE

Learn more about the NVIDIA NVUE object-oriented, schema-driven model of a complete Cumulus Linux system. The API enables you to configure any system element. 3 MIN READ
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Migrating from Onyx to NVIDIA Cumulus Linux

Migrating from Onyx to NVIDIA Cumulus Linux optimizes operational efficiency, enabling a DevOps approach to data center operations. 3 MIN READ
NVIDIA AIR automates digital twins to increase efficiency
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Maximize Network Automation Efficiency with Digital Twins on NVIDIA Air

Read about how NVIDIA Air automates your network through a digital twin to increase efficiency, and provides other benefits. 4 MIN READ
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Close Knowledge Gaps and Elevate Training with Digital Twin NVIDIA Air

Learn about the NVIDIA Air platform, a fully functional digital twin of a production environment. 2 MIN READ
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Make a Digital Twin of your Data Center with SONiC running on NVIDIA Air

We have made it incredibly easy to try-out a full multi-switch network fabric using the Microsoft SONiC operating system - in a virtual data center that is available to anyone free of charge. 4 MIN READ