Lopamudra Kundu

Lopamudra Kundu received her Ph.D. in electrical engineering from North Carolina State University, Raleigh, USA, with her research focusing on information-theoretic limits of MIMO antennas. She is currently a senior systems software engineer at NVIDIA and leads the NVIDIA engagement in the O-RAN Alliance. Her areas of interest and expertise include wireless communications, cellular standards, open radio access network (RAN), and next-generation telecommunication technologies.
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Data Center / Cloud

Building Software-Defined, High-Performance, and Efficient vRAN Requires Programmable Inline Acceleration

In 3GPP fifth generation (5G) cellular standard, layer 1 (L1) or the physical layer (PHY) is the most compute-intensive part of the radio access network (RAN)... 16 MIN READ
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A New Frontier for 5G Network Security

Wireless technology has evolved rapidly and the 5G deployments have made good progress around the world. Up until recently, wireless RAN was deployed using... 9 MIN READ