Kris Kersten

Kris Kersten is a technical marketing engineer at NVIDIA focused on AI, working to scale ML and DL solutions to solve today's most pressing problems in Healthcare. Prior to NVIDIA, Kris worked at Cray Supercomputers studying hardware and software performance characteristics from low-level cache benchmarking to large-scale parallel simulation.
Kris Kersten

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Data Science

Applying Federated Learning to Traditional Machine Learning Methods

In the era of big data and distributed computing, traditional approaches to machine learning (ML) face a significant challenge: how to train models... 3 MIN READ
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Data Science

Boost Your AI Workflows with Federated Learning Enabled by NVIDIA FLARE

One of the main challenges for businesses leveraging AI in their workflows is managing the infrastructure needed to support large-scale training and deployment... 7 MIN READ
Data Science

Federated Learning from Simulation to Production with NVIDIA FLARE

NVIDIA FLARE 2.2 includes a host of new features that reduce development time and accelerate deployment for federated learning, helping organizations cut costs... 10 MIN READ
Computer Vision / Video Analytics

Experimenting with Novel Distributed Applications Using NVIDIA Flare 2.1

NVIDIA FLARE (NVIDIA Federated Learning Application Runtime Environment) is an open-source Python SDK for collaborative computation. FLARE is designed with a... 14 MIN READ
Data Center / Cloud

Validating AI Models Collaboratively with NVIDIA Clara Imaging and

Medical imaging AI models built with NVIDIA Clara can now run natively on in the cloud, which enables collaborative model validation and rapid annotation... 10 MIN READ
Data Science

Jumpstarting AI with a COVID-19 CT Inference Pipeline and the NVIDIA Clara Deploy QuickStart Virtual Machine

Getting AI up and running in hospitals has never been more important. Until recently, connecting an inference pipeline to perform analysis has had its... 11 MIN READ