Kevin Deierling

Kevin Deierling served as VP of marketing at Mellanox starting March 2013. Previously, he served as VP of technology at Genia Technologies, chief architect at Silver Spring Networks, and ran marketing and business development at Spans Logic. Kevin contributed to multiple technology standards and has over 25 patents in areas including wireless communications, error correction, security, video compression, and DNA sequencing. He is a contributing author of a text on BiCmos design. Kevin holds a BA in solid state physics from UC Berkeley.
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Data Center / Cloud

Explainer: What Is a DPU?

Specialists in moving data in data centers, DPUs, or data processing units, are a new class of programmable processor and will join CPUs and GPUs as one of the... 1 MIN READ

Explainer: What Is a SmartNIC?

A SmartNIC is a programmable accelerator that makes data center networking, security and storage efficient and flexible. 1 MIN READ

Achieving a Cloud-Scale Architecture with DPUs

This post was originally published on the Mellanox blog. In the first post of this series, I argued that it is a function and not a form that distinguishes a... 10 MIN READ