Kedar Potdar

Kedar Potdar is a Senior Systems Software Engineer at NVIDIA, working on a wide range of AI, robotics, and simulation products. He helps improve the developer experience across NVIDIA’s AI infrastructure and tools. He obtained a master’s degree in Computer Science from New York University with focus on computer vision, edge computing, and autonomous vehicle simulation.
Kedar Potdar

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Conversational AI

Streamline Development of AI-Powered Apps with NVIDIA RTX AI Toolkit for Windows RTX PCs

NVIDIA today launched the NVIDIA RTX AI Toolkit, a collection of tools and SDKs for Windows application developers to customize, optimize, and deploy AI models... 8 MIN READ
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Generative AI

Supercharging LLM Applications on Windows PCs with NVIDIA RTX Systems

Large language models (LLMs) are fundamentally changing the way we interact with computers. These models are being incorporated into a wide range of... 5 MIN READ
Generative AI

Get Started with Generative AI Development for Windows PCs with NVIDIA RTX

Generative AI and large language models (LLMs) are changing human-computer interaction as we know it. Many use cases would benefit from running LLMs locally on... 4 MIN READ
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Computer Vision / Video Analytics

Building an End-to-End Retail Analytics Application with NVIDIA DeepStream and NVIDIA TAO Toolkit

Retailers today have access to an abundance of video data provided by cameras and sensors installed in stores. Leveraging computer vision AI applications,... 12 MIN READ