Jeff Larkin

Jeff is a Principal HPC Application Architect in NVIDIA's HPC Software team. He is passionate about the advancement and adoption of parallel programming models for High Performance Computing. He was previously a member of NVIDIA's Developer Technology group, specializing in performance analysis and optimization of high performance computing applications. Jeff is also the chair of the OpenACC technical committee and has worked in both the OpenACC and OpenMP standards bodies. Before joining NVIDIA, Jeff worked in the Cray Supercomputing Center of Excellence, located at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Posts by Jeff Larkin

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Developing Accelerated Code with Standard Language Parallelism

Learn how standard language parallelism can be used for programming accelerated computing applications on NVIDIA GPUs with ISO C++, ISO Fortran, or Python. 11 MIN READ
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Getting Started with OpenACC

This week NVIDIA has released the NVIDIA OpenACC Toolkit, a starting point for anyone interested in using OpenACC. OpenACC gives scientists and researchers a… 16 MIN READ
GPU Pro Tip
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GPU Pro Tip: Track MPI Calls In The NVIDIA Visual Profiler

Often when profiling GPU-accelerated applications that run on clusters, one needs to visualize MPI (Message Passing Interface) calls on the GPU timeline in the… 5 MIN READ
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3 Versatile OpenACC Interoperability Techniques

OpenACC is a high-level programming model for accelerating applications with GPUs and other devices using compiler directives compiler directives to specify… 8 MIN READ
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7 Powerful New Features in OpenACC 2.0

OpenACC is a high-level programming model for accelerators, such as NVIDIA GPUs, that allows programmers to accelerate applications using compiler directives to… 8 MIN READ