Jean Kossaifi

Jean Kossaifi is a senior research scientist at NVIDIA. Prior to this, he was a research scientist at the Samsung AI Center in Cambridge. He has worked extensively on face analysis and facial affect estimation in naturalistic conditions, a field that bridges the gap between computer vision and machine learning. His current focus is tensor methods for machine learning. Particularly, efficient combination of these methods with deep learning to develop better models that are memory and computation efficient, while being more robust to noise, random or adversarial, as well as domain shift. He is the creator of TensorLy, a high-level API for tensor methods and deep tensorized neural networks in Python, designed to make tensor learning simple and accessible. Jean received his PhD and MSc from Imperial College London, where he worked with Prof. Maja Pantic. He also holds a French engineering diploma and MSc in applied mathematics, computing, and finance and obtained a BSc in advanced mathematics in parallel.
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Simulation / Modeling / Design

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