Carl (Izzy) Putterman

Carl (Izzy) Putterman recently joined NVIDIA as a deep learning algorithms engineer. He graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with BAs in applied mathematics and computer science. With NVIDIA, he currently works on time series modeling and graph neural networks with an emphasis on inference.
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Posts by Carl (Izzy) Putterman

Computer Vision / Video Analytics

Beating SOTA Inference Performance on NVIDIA GPUs with GPUNet

Crafted by AI for AI, GPUNet is a class of convolutional neural networks designed to maximize the performance of NVIDIA GPUs using NVIDIA TensorRT. Built using... 6 MIN READ
Data Science

Time Series Forecasting with the NVIDIA Time Series Prediction Platform and Triton Inference Server

In this post, we detail the recently released NVIDIA Time Series Prediction Platform (TSPP), a tool designed to compare easily and experiment with arbitrary... 13 MIN READ