Ingo Esser

Ingo Esser is a Senior DevTech Engineer in NVIDIA's Professional Solutions Group where he works to help developers in the Automotive, Oil & Gas, and other industries that deal with complex surfaces and large datasets to improve their rendering algorithms and performance. He has a Diploma in Computer Science from the chair for Computer Graphics and Multimedia at the RWTH Aachen, Germany.

Posts by Ingo Esser

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NVIDIA Variable Rate Shading Demonstrated in Autodesk VRED

We introduced Variable Rate Shading (VRS) last year with the Turing architecture. This new, easy to implement rendering technique allows developers to vary the… 9 MIN READ
Head-Mounted Display
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VR SLI: Accelerating OpenGL Virtual Reality with Multi-GPU Rendering

High-performance stereo head-mounted display (HMD) rendering is a fundamental component of the virtual reality ecosystem. HMD rendering requires substantial… 6 MIN READ