Hugo Braun

Hugo Braun is a Senior AI Developer Technology Engineer at NVIDIA. With a background in mathematics and physics, he has been working on performance-oriented machine learning algorithms. His work at NVIDIA focuses on the design and implementation of high-performance GPU algorithms, specializing in deep learning and graph analytics. He holds a M.S. in Mathematics and Computer Science from Ecole Polytechnique, France.

Posts by Hugo Braun

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Integrating NVIDIA Triton Inference Server with Kaldi ASR

Speech processing is compute-intensive and requires a powerful and flexible platform to power modern conversational AI applications. It seemed natural to… 13 MIN READ
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GPU-Accelerated Speech to Text with Kaldi: A Tutorial on Getting Started

Recently, NVIDIA achieved GPU-accelerated speech-to-text inference with exciting performance results. That blog post described the general process of the Kaldi… 12 MIN READ
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NVIDIA Accelerates Real Time Speech to Text Transcription 3500x with Kaldi

NVIDIA tested chieved speech-to-text inferencingachieving speech-to-text inferencing 3,524x faster than real-time processing using an NVIDIA Tesla V100. 8 MIN READ