Hao Wu

Hao Wu is a principal compute architect at NVIDIA. He joined the NVIDIA Compute Architecture group in 2011 after finishing his Ph.D. at the Chinese Academy of Science. Recently, Hao’s technical focus has been applying low precision to deep neural network training and inference.
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Posts by Hao Wu

Recommenders / Personalization

Fast, Terabyte-Scale Recommender Training Made Easy with NVIDIA Merlin Distributed-Embeddings

Embeddings play a key role in deep learning recommender models. They are used to map encoded categorical inputs in data to numerical values that can be... 8 MIN READ
Computer Vision / Video Analytics

Achieving FP32 Accuracy for INT8 Inference Using Quantization Aware Training with NVIDIA TensorRT

Deep learning is revolutionizing the way that industries are delivering products and services. These services include object detection, classification, and... 17 MIN READ
Simulation / Modeling / Design

Int4 Precision for AI Inference

INT4 Precision Can Bring an Additional 59% Speedup Compared to INT8 If there’s one constant in AI and deep learning, it’s never-ending optimization to wring... 5 MIN READ