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Gavriel State is a senior director of the System Software team at NVIDIA. He is based in Toronto, where he leads efforts involving applications of AI technology to gaming and vice versa, in addition to work in remastering games for the NVIDIA SHIELD TV platform. Previously, Gavriel founded TransGaming, Inc, and spent 15 years focused on games and rendering technologies.
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A group of different animals standing together.
Generative AI

Rapidly Generate 3D Assets for Virtual Worlds with Generative AI

To accelerate the development of 3D worlds and the metaverse, NVIDIA has launched numerous AI research projects to help creators across industries unlock new... 5 MIN READ

Reinforcing the Value of Simulation by Teaching Dexterity to a Real Robot Hand

The human hand is one of the most remarkable outcomes of millions of years of evolution. The ability to pick up all sorts of objects and use them as tools is a... 7 MIN READ
Simulation / Modeling / Design

Sim2SG: Generating Sim-to-Real Scene Graphs for Transfer Learning

Scene graphs (SGs) in both computer vision and computer graphics are an interpretable and structural representation of scenes. A scene graph summarizes entities... 5 MIN READ