Guillaume Polaillon

After 10 years in the defense industry as software team leader and four years as a product line manager in the hard drive storage industry, Guillaume has been working at NVIDIA for eight years. He is in charge of Professional Visualization ISV partnerships and became Product Manager for the Professional Broadcast Industry in 2021.
Guillaume Polaillon

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Cloud graphic
Video Streaming / Conferencing

NVIDIA Maxine Elevates Video Conferencing in the Cloud

Real-time remote communication has become the new normal, yet many office workers still experience poor video and audio quality, which impacts collaboration and... 6 MIN READ
Graphic of Vulkan Video architecture
Rendering / Ray Tracing

GPU-Accelerated Video Processing with NVIDIA In-Depth Support for Vulkan Video

Vulkan Video gives developers the choice of a powerful new API for accessing video processing acceleration. NVIDIA is expanding its commitment to Vulkan Video... 7 MIN READ