Gabriele Leone

Gabriele is a senior design director at NVIDIA leading a team of artists and designers that push the boundaries of real-time computer graphics, robotics, and creative marketing. Born and raised in Italy, he relocated to the United States and after graduating from Art Center College of Design with a major in industrial design, he gained vast experience in movies, video games, and products during tenures at companies such as Intuitive Surgical, Kojima Productions, Paramount Pictures, and Warner Brothers. He has worked on projects such as 300, Life of Pi, State Zero, Walking Dead, Horizon Zero Dawn, Metal Gear Solid V, Starcraft 2, and Diablo 3. His work and artistic style falls under industrial design, concept design, sci-fi, and surreal. His artwork has been featured in various movies, games, magazines, commercials, keynotes, and gallery exhibitions. Gabriele leads the team that created the first NVIDIA real-time playable simulation based on the NVIDIA Omniverse platform, Marbles RTX.
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Content Creation / Rendering

Q&A: Real-Time Ray Tracing in a Cinematic Scene

Six years ago, real-time ray tracing was seen as a pipe dream. Back then, cinematic-quality rendering required computer farms to slowly bake every frame... 5 MIN READ
Simulation / Modeling / Design

From the Omniverse Experiment Archives: NVIDIA Omniverse RTX Racing Demo Showcases Powerful Rendering, Realistic Simulation

A team of NVIDIA artists released never-before-seen imagery and behind-the-scenes videos from the Omniverse RTX Racer playable sample project. The clips and... 5 MIN READ