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Gerard Andrews is a Sr. Product Marketing Manager focused on the robotics developer community. Prior to joining NVIDIA, Gerard was at Cadence where he was Product Marketing Director, responsible for product planning, marketing, and business development for licensable processor IP. He holds an MS in electrical engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology and a BS in electrical engineering from Southern Methodist University.
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Simulating Intelligent Robots of the Future with NVIDIA Isaac Sim 2022.2

NVIDIA announces the availability of the 2022.2 release of NVIDIA Isaac Sim. As a robotics simulation and synthetic data generation (SDG) tool, this NVIDIA... 4 MIN READ

Open-Source Fleet Management Tools for Autonomous Mobile Robots

At ROSCon 2022, NVIDIA announced the newest Isaac ROS software release, Developer Preview (DP) 2. This release includes new cloud– and edge-to-robot task... 5 MIN READ

Expedite the Development, Testing, and Training of AI Robots with Isaac Sim  

Today, NVIDIA announced the availability of the 2022.1 release of NVIDIA Isaac Sim. As a robotics simulation and synthetic data generation (SDG) tool, this... 3 MIN READ

Improve Perception Performance for ROS 2 Applications with NVIDIA Isaac Transport for ROS

Working in collaboration since October 2021, NVIDIA and Open Robotics are introducing two important changes, now available in the Humble ROS 2 release for... 6 MIN READ
An image of a forklift in Isaac Sim

NVIDIA Omniverse Replicator Generates Synthetic Training Data for Robots

AI pioneer Andrew Ng is calling for a broad shift to a more data-centric approach to machine learning (ML). He recently held the first data-centric AI... 7 MIN READ
Image shows Carter V2 Mobile Robot with semantic Lidar in warehouse scene.

NVIDIA Isaac ROS Delivers AI Perception to ROS Developers

Perceiving and understanding the surrounding world is a critical challenge for autonomous robots. In conjunction with ROS World 2021, NVIDIA announced its... 5 MIN READ