Geetika Gupta

Geetika Gupta is a product lead for HPC+AI and Edge Applications. She has worked as a product manager for data center GPUs since the NVIDIA Kepler generation and now focuses on the convergence of HPC+AI and streaming data use cases. Geetika holds an MBA from the Anderson School at UCLA and a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering from IITBHU.

Posts by Geetika Gupta

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Facing the Edge Data Challenge with HPC + AI

NVIDIA Holoscan for HPC brings AI to edge computing. Streaming Reactive Framework will be released in June to simplify code changes to stream AI for instrument processing workflows. 9 MIN READ
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Using Tensor Cores for Mixed-Precision Scientific Computing

Double-precision floating point (FP64) has been the de facto standard for doing scientific simulation for several decades. Most numerical methods used in… 9 MIN READ