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Eyal Frishman has 22+ years of R&D experience in software engineering, and algorithm development in the fields of signal/image/video processing, computer vision, and machine/deep learning as well as a deep understanding of embedded and IoT systems. Before joining NVIDIA, Eyal was the vice president of R&D at SeeTrue AI, leading the development of a machine vision-based automated x-ray/CT screening system. Before that, he was the vice president of R&D of PointGrab Ltd., a provider of an IoT-based smart-sensing solution for smart buildings. Between 2000 and 2014, Eyal held multiple software and algorithm development positions with a strong emphasis on video processing and compression at companies such as CSR Plc.'s, Zoran Ltd., DSP-Group, Emblaze Systems, and Zapex Research
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Content Creation / Rendering

New Video Creation and Streaming Features Accelerated by the NVIDIA Video Codec SDK

For over a decade, NVIDIA GPUs have been built with dedicated encoders and decoders called NVENC and NVDEC. They have a highly parallelized architecture,... 8 MIN READ