Erez Scop

Erez Scop is a director of product management at NVIDIA, managing the storage, Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK), and software acceleration product lines. Erez is a member of the governing board that manages the open source project. Before joining Mellanox and NVIDIA, Erez was product manager at AudioCodes Ltd., where he led their main product lines in the telecom, VoIP, and unified communication fields for over five years. Erez brings more than eight years of experience in product management backed up by over 10 years in R&D managerial roles. Erez holds a B.Sc. in electrical and electronics engineering and an MBA.

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Kubernetes for Network Engineers

Using the same orchestration on-premise and on the public cloud allows a high level of agility and ease of operations. You can use the same API across bare… 11 MIN READ
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Streaming Everything with NVIDIA Rivermax

NVIDIA Rivermax 1.5, the newest release of the IP-based video and data streaming library, includes key features and capabilities enabling performance boosts and quicker integrations. 3 MIN READ