Emily Apsey

Emily Apsey leads the NVIDIA virtual GPU Technical Marketing Engineering team. She works closely with technology from original equipment manufacturers, independent software vendors, and hypervisor partners to understand the performance and scalability of applications in virtualized environments.
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Posts by Emily Apsey

Data Center / Cloud

Confidential Computing on NVIDIA H100 GPUs for Secure and Trustworthy AI

Hardware virtualization is an effective way to isolate workloads in virtual machines (VMs) from the physical hardware and from each other. This offers improved... 12 MIN READ
Data Center / Cloud

Reducing Development Time for Intelligent Virtual Assistants in Contact Centers

As the global service economy grows, companies rely increasingly on contact centers to drive better customer experiences, increase customer satisfaction, and... 8 MIN READ
Simulation / Modeling / Design

Powering Video Conferencing and Productivity Tools with NVIDIA vPC

As 2020 progresses, remote work solutions have become the new normal for many. Organizations are looking to proven solutions like virtual desktop infrastructure... 8 MIN READ