Dai Yang

Dai Yang is a senior solution architect at NVIDIA. He is responsible for tailoring customer-optimized solutions with GPU and networking products, with a strong focus on industry, automotive, and HPC customers. Dai is actively involved in planning, deployment, and training of DGX-solutions in the EMEA region. Prior to joining NVIDIA, Dai was research associate at Technical University of Munich, where he worked on various aspects of high-performance computing, and contributed draft for standard extensions of MPI to the MPI forum. Dai is part of the winning team of the Hans Meuer Award at ISC 2020.

Posts by Dai Yang

AI / Deep Learning

Getting Kubernetes Ready for the NVIDIA A100 GPU with Multi-Instance GPU

Multi-Instance GPU (MIG) is a new feature of the latest generation of NVIDIA GPUs, such as A100. It enables users to maximize the utilization of a single GPU by… 13 MIN READ