Chris Gottbrath

Chris Gottbrath is an Accelerated Computing Software Product Manager working to deliver products that help users accomplish critical missions. Prior to NVIDIA he delivered software development tools to customers in the High Performance and Scientific computing markets. He lead the introduction of CUDA debugging into the popular TotalView debugger used by computational scientists around the world to create highly scalable parallel codes.

Posts by Chris Gottbrath

AI / Deep Learning

TensorRT 4 Accelerates Neural Machine Translation, Recommenders, and Speech

NVIDIA has released TensorRT 4 at CVPR 2018. This new version of TensorRT, NVIDIA’s powerful inference optimizer and runtime engine provides: New Recurrent… 20 MIN READ
Artificial Intelligence

Deploying Deep Neural Networks with NVIDIA TensorRT

Editor's Note: An updated version of this, with additional tutorial content, is now available. See "How to Speed Up Deep Learning Using TensorRT". 11 MIN READ
Artificial Intelligence

Production Deep Learning with NVIDIA GPU Inference Engine

NVIDIA GPU Inference Engine (GIE) is a high-performance deep learning inference solution for production environments that maximizes performance and power efficiency for deploying deep neural networks. 13 MIN READ