Ashish Sardana

Ashish is a deep learning technical marketing engineer at NVIDIA. He applies research to develop conversational and recommender systems DL applications. In addition, he works closely with DL product management to increase product adoption. His current interests include multimodal representation and inference optimization.
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Posts by Ashish Sardana

Conversational AI

Making an NVIDIA Riva ASR Service for a New Language

Speech AI is the ability of intelligent systems to communicate with users using a voice-based interface, which has become ubiquitous in everyday life. People... 13 MIN READ

Optimizing Fraud Detection in Financial Services with Graph Neural Networks and NVIDIA GPUs

Fraud is a major problem for many financial services firms, costing billions of dollars each year, according to a recent Federal Trade Commission report.... 22 MIN READ
Computer Vision / Video Analytics

Accelerating Inference Up to 6x Faster in PyTorch with Torch-TensorRT

I'm excited about Torch-TensorRT, the new integration of PyTorch with NVIDIA TensorRT, which accelerates the inference with one line of code. PyTorch is a... 8 MIN READ