Ankit Patel

Ankit Patel is a faculty member at the Baylor College of Medicine in the Dept. of Neuroscience, with a courtesy appointment in the ECE Dept. at Rice University. Previously, he was a research scientist at Rice University, focusing on deep machine learning and computational neuroscience. Patel graduated from Harvard with a Ph.D. in applied mathematics, advised by Radhika Nagpal. His undergraduate degree was in computer science and applied mathematics (BA, MS, Harvard 2002). Patel spent six years in industry working on real-time inference systems, including two years at MIT Lincoln Laboratory (2002-2004) and four years as a quantitative trader at Global Electronic Trading Corporation (2008-12), a high-frequency, market-making firm that is now a part of KCG Holdings. His current work tries to shed new light on the successes (and shortcomings) of techniques in modern deep learning.

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AI / Deep Learning

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