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André Franklin is part of the data science marketing team at NVIDIA, with a focus on infrastructure solutions across NVIDIA-powered workstations and servers. He has a breadth of experience across several enterprise solutions including NetApp, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and Nimble Storage arrays with predictive analytics.
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Differences between AI Servers and AI Workstations

If you’re wondering how an AI server is different from an AI workstation, you’re not the only one. Assuming strictly AI use cases with minimal graphics... 4 MIN READ
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Choosing the Right Storage for Enterprise AI Workloads

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming pervasive in the enterprise. Speech recognition, recommenders, and fraud detection are just a few applications among... 11 MIN READ
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Improving Enterprise IT Fraud Prevention

Any business or industry, from retail and healthcare to financial services, is subject to fraud. The cost of fraud can be staggering. Every $1 of fraud loss... 7 MIN READ
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Accelerated Model Building with NVIDIA Data Science Workbench

Data scientists wrestle with many challenges that slow development. There are operational tasks, including software stack management, installation, and updates... 3 MIN READ