Amanda Saunders

Amanda Saunders leads product marketing for Edge AI in edge and enterprise computing solutions group at NVIDIA. She brings to life edge computing solutions that bring intelligence to hospitals, stores, warehouses, factories, and more. In addition to working on edge solutions, Amanda has held sales and marketing roles at NVIDIA working with AI, data science, virtual GPU, and many different industries.

Posts by Amanda Saunders

GTC promo with airplane taking advantage of edge computing.
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NVIDIA GTC: Taking It to the Edge

Learn how organizations are accelerating their path to a smarter infrastructure by tapping into the power of AI at the edge. 5 MIN READ
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Considerations for Deploying AI at the Edge

There are a number of factors businesses should consider to ensure an optimized edge computing strategy and deployment. 4 MIN READ
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On-Demand Session: Deploying Highly Accurate Retail Applications Using a Digital Twin

A new session from GTC shares how to use synthetic data and Fleet Command to deploy highly accurate and scalable models. 4 MIN READ
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On-Demand Session: Deploying Edge AI in Manufacturing

At GTC '21, Data Monsters, who builds AI solutions for production and packaging, discussed the growth of AI in manufacturing and how AI is being used to… 4 MIN READ