Amanda Saunders

Amanda Saunders is a seasoned leader in generative AI product marketing at NVIDIA. Within the Enterprise AI product group, her focus is centered on crafting compelling narratives for generative AI and LLM solutions such as NVIDIA NeMo. She focuses on helping customers understand how to deploy generative AI in production and leverage the latest state of the art tools to deliver the high performance solutions. Prior to NVIDIA, Amanda worked with numerous cloud, networking, and desktop virtualization products to show the value that these solutions bring to the enterprise.
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Generative AI

Power Your AI Projects with New NVIDIA NIMs for Mistral and Mixtral Models

Large language models (LLMs) are growing in adoption across enterprise organizations, with many building them into their AI applications. Foundation models are... 5 MIN READ
Conversational AI

Develop Custom Enterprise Generative AI with NVIDIA NeMo

Generative AI is transforming computing, paving new avenues for humans to interact with computers in natural, intuitive ways. For enterprises, the prospect of... 14 MIN READ
An illustration representing NVIDIA NIM.
Generative AI

NVIDIA NIM Offers Optimized Inference Microservices for Deploying AI Models at Scale

The rise in generative AI adoption has been remarkable. Catalyzed by the launch of OpenAI’s ChatGPT in 2022, the new technology amassed over 100M users within... 6 MIN READ
An illustration representing Nemotron-3-8b model family.
Generative AI

NVIDIA AI Foundation Models: Build Custom Enterprise Chatbots and Co-Pilots with Production-Ready LLMs

Large language models (LLMs) are revolutionizing data science, enabling advanced capabilities in natural language understanding, AI, and machine learning.... 12 MIN READ
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Generative AI

Unlocking the Power of Enterprise-Ready LLMs with NVIDIA NeMo

For more information about NVIDIA NeMo, see Develop Custom Enterprise Generative AI with NVIDIA NeMo. Generative AI has introduced a new era in computing, one... 10 MIN READ
Futuristic graphic of woman using a floating keyboard kiosk with multiple robotics screens displaying robotic arms, video surveillance, and a robotics vehicle.
Edge Computing

Bringing Data Center Management Features to the Edge

NVIDIA Fleet Command announced new features giving IT administrators more advanced controls and protection for edge environments. Unlike traditional data... 4 MIN READ