Amanda Saunders

Amanda Saunders leads product marketing for Edge AI in edge and enterprise computing solutions group at NVIDIA. She brings to life edge computing solutions that bring intelligence to hospitals, stores, warehouses, factories, and more. In addition to working on edge solutions, Amanda has held sales and marketing roles at NVIDIA working with AI, data science, virtual GPU, and many different industries.

Posts by Amanda Saunders

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Steps to Getting Started with Edge AI

Learn how to roll out a successful edge AI solution across your organization in five steps. 6 MIN READ
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Building an Edge Strategy: Cost Factors

Edge computing is a new paradigm shift for organizations, this article looks at the cost factors for rolling out these solutions. 10 MIN READ
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Managing Edge AI with the NVIDIA LaunchPad Free Trial

Try Fleet Command for free on NVIDIA LaunchPad. 6 MIN READ
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Different Types of Edge Computing

Edge computing can take different forms, each with specific use cases. This post looks at several types of far edge and near edge scenarios and how they're used. 4 MIN READ
GTC promo with airplane taking advantage of edge computing.
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NVIDIA GTC: Taking It to the Edge

Learn how organizations are accelerating their path to a smarter infrastructure by tapping into the power of AI at the edge. 5 MIN READ
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Considerations for Deploying AI at the Edge

There are a number of factors businesses should consider to ensure an optimized edge computing strategy and deployment. 4 MIN READ