Aleksandra Antonova

Alexandra Antonova is a senior research scientist working on ASR models with the NVIDIA Conversational AI team (NeMo). She studied theoretical and applied linguistics at Moscow State University, and deep learning at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. Before joining NVIDIA, she worked in several Russian technological companies. In her free time, she enjoys reading.
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Conversational AI

Building an Automatic Speech Recognition Model for the Kinyarwanda Language

Speech recognition technology is growing in popularity for voice assistants and robotics, for solving real-world problems through assisted healthcare or... 6 MIN READ
Conversational AI

Text Normalization and Inverse Text Normalization with NVIDIA NeMo

Text normalization (TN) converts text from written form into its verbalized form, and it is an essential preprocessing step before text-to-speech (TTS). TN... 9 MIN READ