Adolf Hohl

Adolf Hohl is the senior manager of the NVIDIA EMEA automotive SA enterprise team and is focused on GPU-accelerated AI infrastructure for autonomous vehicle (AV) development and testing and enterprise AI. His interests lay in leveraging large-scale compute for the sake of progress and safety in AV. Adolf holds a PhD in IT security from the University of Freiburg.
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Data Science

Accelerating Volkswagen Connected Car Data Pipelines 100x Faster with NVIDIA RAPIDS

Connected cars are vehicles that communicate with other vehicles using backend systems to enhance usability, enable convenient services, and keep distributed... 18 MIN READ
Simulation / Modeling / Design

Validating Distributed Multi-Node Autonomous Vehicle AI Training with NVIDIA DGX Systems on OpenShift with DXC Robotic Drive

Deep neural network (DNN) development for self-driving cars is a demanding workload. In this post, we validate DGX multi-node, multi-GPU, distributed training... 17 MIN READ