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Artificial Intelligence System Predicts How You Will Look With Different Hair Styles

A new personalized search engine helps you explore what you would look like with brown hair, curly hair or in a different time period.
Upload a selfie to Dreambit and type in a term like “curly hair” or “1930 woman”, and the software’s algorithm searches through photo collections for similar images and seamlessly maps your face onto images matching your search criteria.

Ira Kemelmacher-Shlizerman, a computer vision researcher at University of Washington, developed the image recognition software using a TITAN X GPU and the cuDNN-accelerated Caffe deep learning framework to train the models and for inference. Ira presented her paper at this week’s SIGGRAPH 2016 and the search engine will be publicly available later this year.

Illustration of the system. The system gets as input a photo and a text query. The text query is used to search a web image engine. The retrieved photos are processed to compute a variety of face features and skin and hair masks, and ranked based on how well they match to the input photo. Finally, the input face is blended into the highest ranked candidates.

Dreambit is also able to predict what a child might look like when they are forty years old or with red hair, black hair, or even a shaved head.
“It’s hard to recognize someone by just looking at a face, because we as humans are so biased towards hairstyles and hair colors,” said Kemelmacher-Shlizerman. “With missing children, people often dye their hair or change the style so age-progressing just their face isn’t enough. This is a first step in trying to imagine how a missing person’s appearance might change over time.”

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