VR Funhouse is NVIDIA's first game. Built with Unreal Engine, it's a VR experience packed with technology from VRWorks and GameWorks. Developers and modders can now access the source, using the VR Funhouse Mod Kit, allowing them to create mods and games to share with the world via Steam Workshop.

Whether you are a hobbyist or a serious game developer, the VR Funhouse development kit lets you access cutting edge technologies like VRWorks Multi-res Shading and PhysX Destruction easily from blueprints in the Unreal editor. This makes it ideal for creating new game levels or evaluating technology. You can even try the tech without an HTC Vive, as the demos work without VR.

In addition to providing a custom editor and access to patches through Steam and Steam Workshop, we are also providing detailed instructions, examples, tutorials, and a community forum for developers.

The VR Funhouse Mod Kit allows you to experiment with the following technologies:


VR Funhouse takes advantage of advanced NVIDIA VRWorks graphics features to improve performance and maximize image quality:

  • VRWorks Multi-res Shading speeds up performance in VR Funhouse by intelligently rendering full detail only where your eyes can see it.
  • VR SLI enables two GPUs to work in parallel to render graphics, with one GPU rendering the right eye and one GPU rendering the left eye. Combined with a 3rd GPU for PhysX, VR Funhouse brings both amazing graphics and physics fun.


GameWorks provides rendering and simulation technolgies designed to create amazing experiences.

  • NVIDIA PhysX Destruction generates pervasive destruction that lets you see your impact on the environment.
  • NVIDIA FleX demonstrates realistic liquid when players blast a clown with goo.
  • NVIDIA Flow enables realistic, volumetric fire simulation when you light your arrow on fire and shoot it from your bow.
  • NVIDIA HairWorks simulates and renders realistic hair and fur.

Learn More and Get Started

Head to the VR Funhouse Mod Kit home page for more information: Get Started

VrFunhouse Editor
VrFunhouse Editor