PhysX Destruction

PhysX Destruction enables artists to quickly generate pervasive destruction, which significantly enhances the gaming experience. The turnaround time for adding full or partial destruction to an object is a fraction of the time it once took, due to the fully artist-focused PhysX Destruction tool. PhysX Destruction provides support for full and partial destruction and both of these Destruction types can be gameplay affecting or not gameplay affecting. Regardless of the Destruction type you use, both will enhance realism in your game.

Please note: PhysX Destruction has been deprecated and replaced by NVIDIA Blast.

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Key Features
  • Artist-focused tool to ensure turnkey solutions
  • Full artist control over the size of destructible pieces, damage characteristics, and destructible behaviour
  • Full and partial destruction support (gameplay or non gameplay-affecting)
  • Support for GPU-accelerated Rigid Body debris
  • Ease of scalability for all supported gaming platforms
  • Network Support
  • Level of Detail - the amount of persistent destructible debris can be scaled up or down
PlatformsPC, XBOX, PS, Android
DependenciesPhysX, APEX framework
EnginesUE3, UE4
ToolsPhysXLab / DCC Plug-in
Quick LinksPhysXLab Tutorial

PhysX Destruction Game/Demo Examples

Hawken Destruction Demo Level- GDC2013

Hawken destruction demo level using GPU Rigid Bodies (GRB's) with networking support for the best multiplayer game experience. The level provides totally new game play - you can open new pathways or destroy the ground underneath the mechs.


Real-Time Dynamic Fracture Demo - GDC2013

Real-time dynamic fracture demo running on a single GTX680 @ 30fps using GPU Rigid Bodies (GRB's).


Destruction In Art Gallery Demo And Alice Madness Returns - GDC2012

Examples of PhysX Destruction authoring (PhysXLab) and runtime in updated Art Gallery Demo and Alice Madness Returns.


RagDoll Demo

PhysX destruction was used in the Ragdoll demo to showcase a fully destructible multi-material wall composed drywall segments attached to wooden beams. The walls and beams can be destroyed by throwing ragdolls at them. While the wall looks great and is fully destructible, we made the environment more realistic by spawning physical particle debris during destruction.


Batman Arkham Asylum (Rocksteady Studios)

Batman was the first AAA title to showcase PhysX Destruction by using GPU rigid bodies in the scarecrow level. PhysX Destruction was also used throughout on the destructible floors.


UT3 Deck - With PhysX Destruction

Using PhysX Destruction, one technical artist-no PhysX programmers-spent only 5 days to convert a static game environment into a fully destructible environment. The result? A much more immersive game experience without changing actual game play.