OpenACC Courses

Join HPC industry’s OpenACC experts for free online courses. These courses are comprised of instructor-led classes that include interactive lectures, hands-on exercises, and office hours with the instructors. You’ll learn everything you need to start accelerating your code with OpenACC on GPUs and x86 CPUs. The courses cover introduction on how to parallelize, profile and optimize your code, as well as manage data movements and utilize multiple GPUs.

Recent Courses
Date Topic Region Registration
October, 2016 Introduction to OpenACC Worldwide Watch Now
Date Topic Region Course Link
May, 2016 Advanced OpenACC Worldwide Watch Now
Oct/Nov, 2015 OpenACC Overview Worldwide Watch Now

Please send your questions to before the Office Hours sessions, so the instructors can prepare helpful answers. You might even get a faster response!

The hands-on lab exercises for each class will be available for FREE at with OPENACC promo code.