NVIDIA Aerial Developer Kit

The NVIDIA Aerial™ Developer Kit jumpstarts performance evaluation and benchmarking for radio access network (RAN) development. By facilitating the exploration of 5G physical layer (PHY) features and the implementation of L2+ integrated solutions and add-on use cases, Aerial extends the far edge to data centers.

Developers are invited to apply for our early interest program to stay informed about developer kit availability and pricing. Please submit your application stating your areas of interest and use cases for the developer kit.

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The integrated reference design provides preinstalled test vectors under the NVIDIA Aerial SDK and high-compute and signal processing power with NVIDIA® GPUs and DPUs.

Key Features

  • Preinstalled Aerial SDK and software environment
  • Test scripts that benchmark KPIs
  • Logged results of developer kit configuration, including hardware, environment, SDK, and sample test execution
  • Ability to exercise specific or all included test cases

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 A: Sign up below for the early interest program to be kept up to date on availability.

 A: Yes. The Aerial SDK supports cloud instances and bare-metal installation on recommended system.

 A: The Aerial SDK’s initial access will be to select customers. We’ll notify you if you’re approved for the early interest program.

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