NVIDIA Aerial Omniverse Digital Twin

The NVIDIA Aerial™ Omniverse™ Digital Twin is a next-generation, system-level simulation platform for performing cutting-edge research and development on 5G and 6G wireless systems and optimizing network planning and operations. Applying ray-traced channels to the physical (PHY) and medium access control (MAC) layers of the NVIDIA Aerial CUDA®-Accelerated RAN platform, Aerial Omniverse Digital Twin is the unique tool to benchmark system performance and explore machine learning-based wireless communication algorithms under real-world conditions.

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The NVIDIA Aerial Omniverse Digital Twin: features and use cases.

Key Features

Starting with 5G and then upcoming 6G, Aerial Omniverse Digital Twin simulates the system-level performance of an actual network deployment without abstractions. Channels are computed using high-performance ray tracing of detailed models of the real world and the software-defined NVIDIA Aerial CUDA-Accelerated RAN platform.

Data Generation for Machine Learning

Data is key for machine learning. Thanks to applying the software-defined PHY and MAC layers of the Aerial CUDA-Accelerated RAN platform, Aerial Omniverse Digital Twin enables the extraction of data at any point in the communication protocol stack. This unique feature lets you train on RAN data that otherwise wouldn't be available.

Simulations at Operator Scale

Aerial Omniverse Digital Twin can simulate everything from small-scale deployments on a single GPU to city-scale models with hundreds of base stations and tens of thousands of mobile users on GPU clusters with unprecedented performance.

Customizable to Your Needs

You can easily modify antenna models, waveforms, channel models, and PHY and MAC layer algorithms through on-prem or cloud APIs. O-RAN rApps and xApps can also be developed and tested on top of Aerial Omniverse Digital Twin.

Test by Deploying in a Digital Twin

Since Aerial Omniverse Digital Twin runs the NVIDIA Aerial CUDA-Accelerated RAN platform over ray-traced channels, you can test the system-level performance and efficiency of your algorithms before deploying them in a live system.

Perfect for 6G Standardization

Aerial Omniverse Digital Twin is uniquely positioned to help drive 6G standardization. New AI and machine learning use cases like beam management, channel state information (CSI) compression, and positioning can be assessed with physically based radio environments, user mobility, and standard-compliant waveforms and signaling.

Leveraging the Power of NVIDIA Omniverse

Aerial Omniverse Digital Twin is built on NVIDIA Omniverse, which enables the use of custom extensions, a convenient graphical user interface, beautiful visualizations, and remote collaboration for distributed teams. Universal Scene Description (OpenUSD) grants access to animated 3D scenes across digital content creation tools.


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