• Support Changes:
      • New support for Visual Studio 2022.
      • Dropping support for Visual Studio 2015.
    • Enhancements:
      • Nsight tool version update notification.
        • A Visual Studio notification banner will appear when a newer version of an installed Nsight Compute, Nsight Graphics, or Nsight Systems becomes available.
      • Settings and tool usage analytics have been added to help NVIDIA improve Nsight Integration.
        • Users can opt-out upon first run, as well as view and toggle the setting in Visual Studio's Tools > Options > NVIDIA Nsight Integration > Enable Analytics.



    • Added support for
      • CMake projects
      • .Net projects
      • .exe projects
    • Added an 'About' menu item to the 'Nsight' menu when Nsight Visual Studio Edition is not present. This provides discoverablity of Nsight stand-alone tools and NVIDIA Nsight Integration documentation.



      • This new Visual Studio extension allows Nsight Tools to present activities in Visual Studio, under the 'Nsight' menu.
        • Activities can be launched in the standalone Nsight tool from the Visual Studio project, with expected paths and command line arguments.
      • Supports participating Nsight development tools. This includes:
      • Tools can be used independently, or in conjunction with other Nsight tools.
        • Run just one tool from within Visual Studio, or collect them all!
      • Tool activities that are launched from within Visual Studio work with the standalone versions.
        • Run your favorite tool from anywhere.
        • Your executable, arguments, working directory, and environment will be auto-populated into the Nsight tool when launch from the Nsight menu.
      • Tools can be used independently, or to supplement Nsight Visual Studio Edition.
        • Nsight VSE has traditionally parented (and provided the integration of) the functionality provided by these tools, but they are all grown up now. They are standone and have moved off to work on other operating systems and platforms. However, they still work on Windows, as a standalone tools, or integrated into Visual Studio, right under the Nsight menu where you expect to find them.
      • Visibility Control
        • Individually hide and show the Nsight Tools that you've installed.
      • Key binding support for launching activities.
      • Full Visual Studio Extension Support
        • Enable/Disable this entire extension.
        • Get notifications of versioned updates.
        • Add to any or all of your Visual Studio installations.
      • Available for use on Visual Studio 2019, 2017, and 2015.