Alex McCaskey

Alex McCaskey is a senior quantum computing software architect at NVIDIA. His work is focused on programming models, compilers, and languages for heterogeneous quantum-classical computing. In the past, he has led a number of open-source quantum software projects, including the XACC system-level quantum framework and the QCOR quantum-classical C++ compiler platform. He received B.Sc. degrees in 2010 in physics and mathematics from the University of Tennessee, and an M.Sc. degree in physics from the Virginia Polytechnic and State University in 2014.

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QODA 소개: 하이브리드 양자-클래식 컴퓨팅을 위한 플랫폼

양자 컴퓨팅은 지난 10년 동안 아카데미의 울타리에서 벗어나 주류 산업으로 크게 발전하기 시작했습니다. 규모를 불문한 수많은 기업이 고성능 양자… 5 MIN READ