Jetson Developer Kits

NVIDIA® Jetson™ developer kits are used by professionals to develop and test software for products based on Jetson modules, and by students and enthusiasts for projects and learning. Each developer kit includes a non-production specification Jetson module attached to a reference carrier board with standard hardware interfaces for flexible development and rapid prototyping.

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Jetson developers actively contribute videos, how-tos, and open-source projects in addition to the free and comprehensive tutorials offered by NVIDIA.

Explore and learn from the Jetson projects created by us and our community.

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AI Software for Everyone

NVIDIA JetPack™ brings to each Jetson developer the same accelerated CUDA-X™ AI software used by professionals around the world. Now with NVIDIA Metropolis Microservices on Jetson Orin™, developers can future-proof their apps by bringing the latest generative AI capabilities to the edge through simple API calls.

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Advanced Collateral too

If you’re creating a Jetson based product, see our detailed Jetson module collateral, product design guides and more.

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Jetson Developer Kit Lineup

Jetson developer kits are small, power-efficient AI computers, ideal for product development and hands-on learning.

Jetson AGX Orin Developer Kit

Jetson AGX Orin Developer Kit

The NVIDIA® Jetson AGX 64GB Orin™ Developer Kit and all Jetson Orin modules share one SoC architecture, enabling the developer kit to emulate any of the modules and make it easy for you to start developing your next product. Compact size, lots of connectors, and up to 275 TOPS of AI performance make this developer kit perfect for prototyping advanced AI-powered robots and other Edge AI devices.

Jetson AGX Orin Developer Kit

Jetson Orin Nano Developer Kit

The NVIDIA Jetson Orin Nano Developer Kit sets a new standard for creating entry-level AI-powered robots, smart drones, and intelligent cameras, while simplifying the process of starting with the Jetson Orin Nano series.Compact design, lots of connectors and up to 40 TOPS of AI performance make this developer kit perfect for transforming your visionary concepts into reality. With up to 80X the performance of Jetson Nano, it can run all modern AI models, including transformer and advanced robotics models.

Jetson Orin Nano Developer Kit
Jetson Orin Nano Developer Kit