NVIDIA DRIVE Developer Program

Join the DRIVE Developer Program to get started building applications for autonomous vehicles.


Advances in automotive technology will continue to drive more computing power, more sensors, more functionality, more driver’s assistance and more autonomy into cars. NVIDIA® DriveWorks is a Software Development Kit (SDK) that contains reference applications, tools and library modules. It also includes a run-time pipeline framework that goes from detection to localization to planning to visualization. It is designed to be educational to use and open so you can enhance it with your own code.

NVIDIA DriveWorks is available as part of the NVIDIA DRIVE Software provided to select Automakers, Tier 1 Suppliers, and Research Institutions working on developing systems that enable cars to drive themselves.

Developers working on autonomous driving will find the DriveWorks SDK helpful in accelerating their development on NVIDIA DRIVE PX platforms.

DriveWorks SDK Overview

Key Features

  • Detection libraries include sensor processing, sensor correlation, sensor fusion, segmentation and deep learning detection & classification

  • Localization libraries include map localization, HD-Map interfacing, and egomotion (structure from motion and odometry)

  • Planning libraries include vehicle control, scene understanding and path planning problem solvers

  • Visualization libraries include streaming to a cluster display, ADAS rendering, and debug rendering

  • Tools that include sensor calibration, rig calibration, camera intrinsics & extrinsics and lidar extrinsics
  • NVIDIA DriveWorks is architected to be modular, educational, optimized and open.