DRIVE AGX SDK Developer Program

Access to the NVIDIA DRIVE® AGX SDK Developer Program provides restricted access to software releases and tools for developing on the NVIDIA DRIVE AGX AI car computing platform. If you have a developer ( account with membership to this program, please log in with your corporate or university email address. If you have an account associated with your corporate or university email address and would like to request membership in the NVIDIA DRIVE AGX SDK Developer Program, please carefully read the Eligibility requirements below.

Member Benefits


Download DRIVE Software Development Kits (SDKs)

Feature Request

Report or file bugs and make requests for feature enhancements

Latest News

Receive notifications about special developer events and webinars


Access to the NVIDIA DRIVE AGX Developer Program is available to companies and research institutions who have the appropriate agreements on file with NVIDIA and have been invited to participate in the Program. Please contact your NVIDIA Representative (or contact us) to ensure necessary agreements have been signed before requesting to join the program.

To be accepted into the program, you must:

  • Login with a corporate or university email address. Your user account on is distinct from the NVIDIA NVONLINE login, though you may use the same credentials for both.
  • Have the necessary agreements on file with NVIDIA.
  • Be developing autonomous vehicle applications.

If you already have a developer login, please enter your credentials after selecting the “Login” button. If you meet the membership requirements and do not have a login, please click the “JOIN NOW” button.