This week at GDC we launched the latest member of the SHIELD family, a 4K capable Android TV that can play awesome Android games like Crysis3 natively as well as streaming the latest PC games from the cloud using our GRID game streaming service at 1080p 60fps. Powered by the awesome Tegra X1 superchip, the device costs $199 and can be used to consume media of all kinds as well as for hours of gaming pleasure.

Develop Native

Because the device runs Android L, anybody can develop for it and development is easy. We make development even easier by providing class leading tools including:

If you are an Unreal Engine or Unity developer your game will probably already work with SHIELD.

Develop in the Cloud

If your PC game supports a gamepad and has a user interface that looks good at ten feet, we have the libraries to help you get it running on GRID. Cloud games have many advantages for developers. They are hard to pirate and easy to patch and the hardware they run on is totally consistent.

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