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Accelerated Computing

GPU-Accelerated Cosmological Analysis on the Titan Supercomputer

Ever looked up in the sky and wondered where it all came from? Cosmologists are in the same boat, trying to understand how the Universe arrived at the structure… 9 MIN READ
Accelerated Computing

The Power of C++11 in CUDA 7

CUDA 7 adds C++11 feature support to nvcc, the CUDA C++ compiler, so you can use C++11 features in GPU code, including C++ auto and lambda functions. 12 MIN READ

Accelerating Bioinformatics with NVBIO

NVBIO is a C++ library of high performance parallel algorithms and containers designed by NVIDIA to accelerate sequence analysis and bioinformatics applications. 11 MIN READ
Accelerated Computing

CUDA 7 Release Candidate Feature Overview: C++11, New Libraries, and More

CUDA is a parallel computing platform and programming model from NVIDIA. CUDA 7 adds support for C++11, Runtime Compilation, the new cuSolver library, and many more features. 9 MIN READ

CUDA Spotlight: GPU-Accelerated Agent-Based Simulation of Complex Systems

This week’s Spotlight is on Dr. Paul Richmond, a Vice Chancellor's Research Fellow at the University of Sheffield (a CUDA Research Center). Paul' 5 MIN READ
Accelerated Computing

CUDACasts Episode 16: Thrust Algorithms and Custom Operators

Continuing the Thrust mini-series (see Part 1), today's episode of CUDACasts focuses on a few of the algorithms that make Thrust a flexible and powerful… < 1