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The Power of C++11 in CUDA 7

CUDA 7 adds C++11 feature support to nvcc, the CUDA C++ compiler, so you can use C++11 features in GPU code, including C++ auto and lambda functions. 12 MIN READ

Accelerating Bioinformatics with NVBIO

NVBIO is a C++ library of high performance parallel algorithms and containers designed by NVIDIA to accelerate sequence analysis and bioinformatics applications. 11 MIN READ
Accelerated Computing

CUDA 7 Release Candidate Feature Overview: C++11, New Libraries, and More

CUDA is a parallel computing platform and programming model from NVIDIA. CUDA 7 adds support for C++11, Runtime Compilation, the new cuSolver library, and many more features. 9 MIN READ

CUDA Spotlight: GPU-Accelerated Agent-Based Simulation of Complex Systems

This week’s Spotlight is on Dr. Paul Richmond, a Vice Chancellor's Research Fellow at the University of Sheffield (a CUDA Research Center). Paul' 5 MIN READ
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CUDACasts Episode 16: Thrust Algorithms and Custom Operators

Continuing the Thrust mini-series (see Part 1), today's episode of CUDACasts focuses on a few of the algorithms that make Thrust a flexible and powerful… < 1

CUDACasts Episode 15: Introduction to Thrust

Thrust is a high-level, flexible parallel programming library based on the C++ STL. Thrust enables productive programming of massively parallel GPUs. < 1